At Dawn and Dusk

The Gods

Victor James Daley

LAST night, as one who hears a tragic jest,
    I woke from dreams, half-laughing, half in tears;
    Methought that I had journeyed in the spheres
And stood upon the Planet of the Blest!
And found thereon a folk who prayed with zest
    Exceeding, and through all their painful years,
    Like strong souls struggled on, ’mid hopes and fears;
“Where dwell the gods,” they said, “we shall find rest.”
The gods? What gods, I thought, are these who so
    Inspire their worshippers with faith that flowers
Immortal, and who make them keep aglow
    The flames for ever on their altar-towers?
“Where dwell these gods of yours?” I asked—and lo!
    They pointed upward to this earth of ours!

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