Digger Smith

The Glossary

C.J. Dennis

Alley, to throw in the. - To surrender.
Ar - An exclamation expressing joy, sorrow, surprise, etc., according to the manner of utterance.
Aussie. - Australia; an Australian.

Bag of tricks. - All one’s belongings.
Barrack. - To take sides.
Beat the band. - To amaze.
Bint. - Girl.
Bird, to give the. - To treat with derision.
Blighty. - London.
Blind. - Deception, “bluff.”
Bloke. - A male adult of the genus homo.
Bluff. - Cunning practice; make-believe; to deceive; to mislead.
Bonzer. - The best.
Book. - In whist, six tricks.
Booked. - Engaged.
Buckley’s (Chance). - A forlorn hope.
Buck up. - Cheer up.
Bunk, to do a. - To depart.

Chap. - A “bloke” or “cove.”
Chuck off. - To chaff; to employ sarcasm.
Chuck up. - To relinquish.
Chump. - A foolish fellow.
Cobber. - A boon companion.
Coot. - A person of no account (used contemptuously).
Cove. - A “chap” or “bloke.” q.v. (Gipsy).
Cow. - A thoroughly unworthy, not to say despicable person, place, thing or circumstance.
Crack. - To smite.
Crack hardy. - To suppress emotion; to endure patiently; to keep a secret.
Crook. - Unwell; dishonest; spurious; fraudulent. Superlative, dead crook.
Crook. - A dishonest or evil person.
Crool. - To frustrate; to interfere with.

Dead. - In a superlative degree; very.
Deal. - A “hand” at cards.
Digger. - An infantryman; a comrade.
Dilly. - Foolish; half-witted.
Dinkum. - Honest; true.
Dipped. - Mentally deficient.
Dizzy limit. - The utmost; the superlative degree.
Dope. - A drug.
Dud. - No good; ineffective; used up.

Fag. - A cigarette.
Final, to run one’s. - To die.
Final kick. - Final leave.
Fly. - A turn; a try.

Game. - Occupation; scheme; design.
Grandstand play. - Playing to the gallery.
Groggy. - Unsteady.
Grouch. - To mope; to grumble.
Hokey Fly, by the. - A mild expletive, without any particular meaning.
Hump, to - To carry, as a swag or other burden.

Job. - Work, occupation.
John ‘Op (or Jonop). - Policeman.
- A blow.

Keep one down. - Take a drink.
Kick. - Leave.
Kick about. - To loaf or hang about.
Kid. - A child.
Kid, to. - To deceive; to persuade with flattery.
Lob, to - To arrive.
Lurk. - A plan of action; a regular occupation.
Moniker. - A name; a title; a signature.
Mug. - A simpleton.
Nail. - Catch.
Nark. - s., a spoilsport; a churlish fellow.
Nark, to. - To annoy; to foil.
Neck and neck. - Side by side.
Nix. - Nothing.
Nod, on the. - Without payment.

Pal. - A friend; a mate (Gipsy).
Part. - Give; hand over.
Pins. - Legs.
Pull, to take a. - To desist; to discontinue.
Pull off. - Desist.
Pull my (or your) leg. - To deceive or get the best of.
Punter. - The natural prey of bookmakers (betting men).
Push up daisies, to. - To be interred.

Quid. - A sovereign, or pound sterling.

Rag. - Song in rag time.
Rattled. - Excited; confused.
Recomeniber. - Remember.
Renege. - To fail to follow suit (in playing cards); to quit.
Rile. - To annoy.
Riled. - Roused to anger.
Ringer. - Expert.
Rook, to. - To “take down.”
Rouse (or Roust). - To upbraid with many words.
Ructions. - Growling; argument.
Run ’is final. - Died.

Sawing wood. - “Bluffing;” biding one’s time.
School. - A club; a clique of gamblers, or others.
Scoot. - To hurry; to scuttle.
Scrap. - Fight.
Shicker. - Intoxicating liquor.
Skite. - To boast.
Slam. - Making all the tricks (in card-playing).
Sling. - Discard; throw.
Slope, to. - To leave in haste.
Smooge. - To flatter or fawn; to bill and coo.
Snarky. - Angry.
Sock it into. - To administer physical punishment.
S.O.S - Signal of distress or warning, used in telegraphy.
Spare my days. - A pious ejaculation.
Spell. - Rest or change.
Sprag. - To accost truculently; to convince.
Spuds. - Potatoes.
Square. - Upright; honest.
Squeak. - To give away a secret.
Stoke. - Eat.
Stop one. - To receive a blow.
Stoush. - To punch with the fist. s., Violence.
Strength. - Truth; correct estimate.
Strike me! - The innocuous remnant of a hardy curse.
’Struth! - An emaciated oath.
Stunt. - A performance; a tale. [At the front: a battle, engagement]
Swank. - Affectation; ostentation.
Swap. - Exchange.
Swiv’ly. - Afraid, or unable, to look straight.

Take down. - Deceive; get the best of.
Tart. - A young woman (contraction of sweetheart).
Tater. - Potato.
Throw in the alley. - To surrender.
Tip. - A warning; a prognostication; a hint.
Toff. - An exalted person.
Tony. - Stylish.
Tossed out on my neck. - Rejected.
Track with. - To woo; to “go walking with.”
Treat. - Very much or very good.
Tucker. - Food.
Twig. - To observe; to espy.

Umptydoo. - Far-fetched; “crook.”
Up to us. - Our duty.

Wade in. - Take your fill.
Wise, to put. - To explain; to instruct.
Wowser. - A narrow-minded, intolerant person.

Yap. - To talk volubly.

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