King Arthur’s Knights

The Tales Retold for Boys & Girls


Henry Gilbert

In tholdè dayès of the King Arthour,
Of which that Britons speken great honour,
All was this land fulfilled of faery.

The Canterbury Tales.


  1. How Arthur was Made King and Won His Kingdom
  2. Sir Balin and the Stroke Dolorous
  3. How Lancelot was Made a Knight. The Four Witch Queens, and the Adventures at the Chapel Perilous
  4. The Knight of the Kitchen
  5. How Sir Tristram Kept His Word
  6. The Deeds of Sir Geraint
  7. How Sir Perceval was Taught Chivalry, and Ended the Evil Wrought by Sir Balin’s Dolorous Stroke
  8. How Sir Owen Won the Earldom of the Fountain
  9. Of Sir Lancelot and the Fair Maid of Astolat
  10. How the Three Good Knights Achieved the Holy Graal
  11. Of the Plots of Sir Mordred; and How Sir Lancelot Saved the Queen
  12. Of Sir Gawaine’s Hatred, and the War with Sir Lancelot
  13. Of the Rebellion of Mordred and the Death of King Arthur

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