The Watch on the Kerb


Henry Lawson

NIGHT-LIGHTS are falling;
  Girl of the street,
Go to your calling
  If you would eat.
Lamplight and starlight
  And moonlight superb,
Bright hope is a farlight,
  So watch on the kerb.

Watch on the kerb,
  Watch on the kerb;
Hope is a farlight;
  Then watch on the kerb.

Comes a man: call him —
  Gone! he is vext;
Curses befall him,
  Wait for the next!
Fair world and bright world,
  Life still is sweet —
Girl of the night-world,
  Watch on the street.

Dreary the watch is:
  Moon sinks from sight,
Gas only blotches
  Darkness with light;
Never, Oh, never
  Let courage go down;
Keep from the river,
  Oh, Girl of the Town!

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