The Breitmann Ballads

Breitmann in Politics


5. - How They Held the Mass Meeting.

Charles G. Leland

DERE’S nodings in dis vorldt so pad,
ash all oov us may learn,
Boot may shange from dark to lighthood,
if loock should dake a doorn;
So it hoppinet mit Breitmann,
who in spite of sin and Schmit,
Gontrifed ad shoost dis yooncture
do make a glucky hit.

Dey hat sendet out some plackarts
to de Deutsche burgers all
(N.B.—Dish ish not mean blackguards,
boot de pills dey shtick on de vall),
To say dat a Massenversammlung—
or a meeding of all dem asses—
Vouldt be held in de Arbeiter-Halle,
to consisd of de Sharman classes.

Now dey gife de brinting of de pills
to a new gekommene man,
Who dinked dat Demokratisch
vas de same ash Repooblican:
Got im Himmel weiss vhere he’d hid himself
on dis free Coloompian shore
Dat he scaped de naturalizationisds,
und hand’t found out pefore.

Boot to dis Deutsche brinter,
de only tifference he
Petween Repooplicanish
and Demokratisch tid see,
Vas dat von vash dwo ledders longer;
so he dook shoost vot seem pat
To make de poster handsome—
likewise a liddle fat.

How ofden in dis buzzlin’ life shmall grubs grows oop to vings!
How often shoost from moostard seet a virst-glass pusiness shprings!
Van’t klein komt men tot’t groote, ash de Hollanders hafe said:
Mit dese dwo ledders Breitmann caved in der Schmitsy’s head.

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