Studies in Song

The Resurrection of Alcilia

(Gratefully inscribed to Dr. A. B. Grosart.)

Algernon Charles Swinburne

SWEET song-flower of the Mayspring of our song,
    Be welcome to us, with loving thanks and praise
    To his good hand who travelling on strange ways
Found thee forlorn and fragrant, lain along
Beneath dead leaves that many a winter’s wrong
    Had rained and heaped through nigh three centuries’ maze
    Above thy Maybloom, hiding from our gaze
The life that in thy leaves lay sweet and strong.
For thine have life, while many above thine head
Piled by the wind lie blossomless and dead.
    So now disburdened of such load above
That lay as death’s own dust upon thee shed
    By days too deaf to hear thee like a dove
    Murmuring, we hear thee, bird and flower of love.

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