Tennyson’s Suppressed Poems


1865 – 1866

Published in Good Words Magazine for March, 1868. This little poem has never been reprinted, nor is any reference made to it in the Life, where many much more worthless poems are printed. It is, however, quite genuine, as Tennyson’s name was appended to it in the magazine.

Alfred Tennyson

I STOOD on a tower in the wet,
And new year and old year met,
And winds were roaring and blowing;
And I said “O years, that meet in tears.
Have ye aught that is worth the Knowing?
Science enough and exploring.
Wanderers coming and going.
Matter enough for deploring,
But aught that is worth the Knowing?”
Seas at my feet were flowing.
Waves on the shingle pouring,
Old year roaring and blowing,
And new year blowing and roaring.

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