Tennyson’s Suppressed Poems


The Rosebud

The following fragment was published in “Ros Rosarum ex Horto Poetarum, Dew of the ever-living Rose, gathered from the Poets’ Gardens of many Lands by E. V. B[oyle].” London, Elliot Stock, 1885, p. 230. Miss Boyle was “the charming and gifted lady who had illustrated his ‘May Queen,’ and whose drawings of children he admired” (Life, vol. ii., p. 311).

Alfred Tennyson

THE NIGHT with sudden odor reel’d,
The southern stars a music peal’d,
Warm beams across the meadow stole;
For Love flew over grove and field,
Said “Open, Rosebud, open, yield
        Thy fragrant soul.”

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