Swags Up!

The Chain Gang

J. Le Gay Brereton

BORNE in the car along a crowded way,
    Sun-soaked, I saw the world like shadows glide,
    Or phantom boats, upon a running tide,
Driven through flying fog at break of day.
“The chain gang? Yes,” I heard a woman say,
    “Here in this very street.” I glanced aside
    And saw the fetters that she flashed in pride,
And turned again to watch the world’s array.

Clearly I saw men scurrying on the hour,
    Young girls who weary all day on dainty feet,
        Dandies whose socks betoken infinite pains,
The life that springs and withers like a flower:
    I heard the gangs go clanking down the street,
        Intolerably patient of their chains.

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