Swags Up!


J. Le Gay Brereton

WHEN fires have burnt your forest bare and black,
    And you are parched and dizzy, and search in vain
    For pools in dust unvisited of rain,
And shamble, lost, along a shimmering track,
This is the comfort of the world: “Alack!
    So youth’s illusions die, that we may gain
    Wisdom and strength to face our lifelong pain,
The truth, from which no man shall turn him back.”

Falter for no such melancholy lies,
    For by one holy touch the spirit is healed
        To know its treasure of sight and sound and scent;
Veil after veil the earthborn fogs arise,
    Star beyond star the heavens are then revealed,
        And truth is fair in love’s enlightenment.

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