Swags Up!

The Liner

J. Le Gay Brereton

THE FOAMY waves are swishing
    As patiently we thud,
But O the wave of wishing
    That surges in my blood!

Along the ocean’s rim, now,
    With never-ceasing song,
I wish that I could swim now
    And shove the boat along.

My heart is crying, tireless,
    The word it has to say.
What need have we of wireless
    Who know a better way?

The slow craft plunges nor’ward
    And welters on the blue:
My thoughts are floating forward
    And swooping home to you.

Your magic love is tingling
    In every vein of me,
And you and I are mingling
    In spite of rolling sea.

Yet O that I could borrow
    That albatross’s flight!
To-morrow, Love, to-morrow
    Is our supreme delight.

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