Swags Up!

When My Time is Come

J. Le Gay Brereton

WHEN my time is come to die,
    I would shun the decent gloom,
Whispered word and weeping eye,
Fitful hum of knowing fly
    Questing through the darkened room.

I would lay my skin and bone
    Where no busy care could trace
Failing steps by bush and stone,
With my farewell dream alone
    In a bird-frequented place.

So the sounds that bless my ear
    When my weary eyelids close
Will be songs of hope and cheer;
So departing, I shall hear
    How the tide of living flows.

So my memories shall not be
    Blurred by griefs however true;
So my drowsy sense may see
Eyes that light in love on me;
    So I’ll not be leaving you.

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