The Eternal Lover

Later re-released as ‘The Eternal Savage


Edgar Rice Burroughs


Part I
  1. Nu of the Niocene
  2. The Earthquake
  3. Nu, the Sleeper, Awakes
  4. The Mysterious Hunter
  5. The Watcher
  6. Nu and the Lion
  7. Victoria Obeys the Call
  8. Captured by Arabs
  9. Nu Goes to Find Nat-ul
  10. On the Trail
  11. The Abduction
  12. The Cave Man Finds His Mate
  13. Into the Jungle

Part II

NOTE: Part II of The Eternal Lover,when published serially,
appeared under the name of ‘Sweetheart Primeval’.

  1. Again a World Upheaval
  2. Back to the Stone Age
  3. The Great Cave-Bear
  4. The Boat Builders
  5. Nu’s First Voyage
  6. The Anthropoid Apes
  7. The Beast-Fires
  8. Bound to the Stake
  9. The Fight
  10. Gron’s Revenge
  11. The Aurochs
  12. Tur’s Deception
  13. Nat-ul is Heart-Broken
  14. “I have Come to Save You”
  15. What the Cave Revealed

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