The Dumb Philosopher:

In Three Parts, &c


Daniel Defoe

The Preface


  1. A faithful and very surprising Account how DICKORY CRONKE, a Tinner’s son, in the County of Cornwall, was born Dumb, and continued so for Fifty- eight years; and how, some days before he died, he came to his Speech; with Memoirs of his Life, and the Manner of his Death.
  2. A Declaration of his Faith and Principles in Religion; with a Collection of Select Meditations, composed in his Retirement.
  3. His Prophetical Observations upon the Affairs of Europe, more particularly of Great-Britain, from 1720 to 1729. The whole extracted from his Original Papers, and confirmed by unquestionable Authority.
                        To Which is Annexed
    His Elegy, written by a young Cornish Gentleman, of Exeter College in Oxford, with an Epitaph by another Hand.

    Non quis, sed quid.

    Printed for and Sold by Thomas Bickerton, at the Crown, in Pater Noster Row. 1719.

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