The Glugs of Gosh


C.J. Dennis


To my Wife



  1. The Glug Quest
  2. Joi, the Glug
  3. The Stones of Gosh
  4. Sym, the Son of Joi
  5. The Growth of Sym
  6. The End of Joi
  7. The Swanks of Gosh
  8. The Seer
  9. The Rhymes of Sym
  10. The Debate
  11. Ogs
  12. Emily Ann
  13. The Little Red Dog

Let him who is minded to meet with a Glug
Pluck three hardy hairs from a rabbit-skin rug;
    Blow one to the South, and one to the West,
    Then burn another and swallow the rest.
And who shall explain ’tis the talk of a fool,
He’s a Glug! He’s a Glug of the old Gosh school!
    And he’ll climb a tree, if the East wind blows,
    In a casual way, just to show he knows . . .
                Now, tickle his toes!
                Oh, tickle his toes!
And don’t blame me if you come to blows.


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