The Singing Garden

The Magpie

C.J. Dennis

CALLOG’ALLOO-AY” On a windy day.
    Perched on a tree-top high
I pour my notes from a valiant throat;
    For cock o’ the walk am I!
Defiant, loud, superbly proud,
    My song soars to the blue,
A clarion call a challenge to all:

I have set the bounds to my feeding grounds;
    And here I am the king.
With beak and claw I press my law
    On every feathered thing.
Cock o’ the walk—no questing hawk,
    Proud eagle, crow nor thrush
Stays to defy my battle-cry,
    My pinions’ whistling rush.

“CalLOG’allay-oo!” When day is new
    I fill the scented morn
With a joyful song, loud, sweet and long—
    My echoing, hunting horn.
“Calloo, callay!” I greet the day
    Throned on a tree-top high.
In my domain I rule, I reign,
    Cock o’ the walk am I!

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