The Secret Key and other Verses

A Nocturne

George Essex Evans

LIKE weary sea-birds spent with flight
        And faltering,
The slow hours beat across the night
        On leaden wing.
The wild bird knows where rest shall be
        Soe’er he roam.
Heart of my heart! apart from thee
        I have no home.

Afar from thee, yet not alone,
        Heart of my heart!
Like some soft haunting whisper blown
        From Heaven thou art.
I hear the magic music roll
        Its waves divine;
The subtle fragrance of thy soul
        Has passed to mine.

Nor dawn nor Heaven my heart can know
        Save that which lies
In lights and shades that come and go
        In thy soft eyes.
Here in the night I dream the day,
        By love upborne,
When thy sweet eyes shall shine and say
        “It is the morn!”

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