The Secret Key and Other Verses

The Song of Life!

George Essex Evans

                    SING not of Rest
For heart, or brain, or the strong soul’s emotion
    Beneath the shadow of Eternal peace!
    There is no rest in Nature or surcease
Of Law, and Labour, in unceasing motion.
                    Sing not of Rest!

                    Sing not of Peace
On earth, or in the realms beyond our dreaming!
    Progress and Retrogression all things draw
    Within the edict of Eternal Law.
Search for the Real which lies beneath the Seeming.
                    Sing not of Peace

                    Sing thou of Toil,
Of toil that moulds to-day the larger morrow!
    Move with stout heart on Life’s great battle-field
    And wear the motto “Progress” on thy shield.
All that is best is won through toil and sorrow.
                    Sing thou of Toil!

                    Sing thou of Hope!
Of Hope that lights the world to strong endeavour!
    Height beyond height but loftier summits show,
    Depth beneath depth reveals a depth below.
Choose thou the best. There is no resting ever.
                    Sing thou of Hope!

                    Sing thou of Truth!
That which alone can stand when all is sifted;
    That which Humanity in pain and tears
    Has sought with patient toil through myriad years,
Till thou shalt see with radiant face uplifted
                    Eternal Truth.

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