The Secret Key and Other Verses



George Essex Evans

WHITE STAR of Womanhood, whose rays
    Thro’ years of peace and years of stress
Shed wide o’er all thy people’s ways
        The light of nobleness—
A memory in their hearts impearled
    To nerve thy sons where’er they roam—
Empress and Queen o’er half a World,
        Yet Angel of the Home.

Now, when the Shadow of Death has crost
    The belt of Empire, sea by sea,
The wide world weeps that freedom lost
        A friend like thee,
Who strove for righteousness, who wore
    A hero’s soul in woman’s breast:
God fold thee, now thy work is o’er,
        In robes of rest.

Death came not to thy fearless eyes
    A King of Terrors, but a friend,
Whispering: “Long years of sacrifice
        At last shall end.
Sleep, for the stress of Life is o’er,
    And on thy heart is laid release;
Lay down the Crown of Empire for
        The Crown of Peace.”

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