Eric Brighteyes


Rider Haggard


  1. How Asmund the Priest Found Groa the Witch
  2. How Eric Told his Love to Gudruda in the Snow on Coldback
  3. How Asmund Bade Eric to his Yule-Feast
  4. How Eric Came Down Golden Falls
  5. How Eric Won the Sword Whitefire
  6. How Asmund the Priest was Betrothed to Unna
  7. How Eric Went Up Mosfell Against Skallagrim the Baresark
  8. How Ospakar Blacktooth Found Eric Brighteyes and
    Skallagrim Lambstail on Horse-Head Heights
  9. How Swanhild Dealt with Gudruda
  10. How Asmund Spoke with Swanhild
  11. How Swanhild Bid Farewell to Eric
  12. How Eric was Outlawed and Sailed A-Viking
  13. How Hall the Mate Cut the Grapnel Chain
  14. How Eric Dreamed a Dream
  15. How Eric Dwelt in London Town
  16. How Swanhild Walked the Seas
  17. How Asmund the Priest Wedded Unna, Thorod’s Daughter
  18. How Earl Atli Found Eric and Skallagrim on the Southern Rocks of Straumey Isle
  19. How Koll the Half-Witted Brought Tidings from Iceland
  20. How Eric was Named Anew
  21. How Hall of Lithdale Took Tidings to Iceland
  22. How Eric Came Home Again
  23. How Eric was a Guest at the Wedding-Feast of Gudruda the Fair
  24. How the Feast Went
  25. How the Feast Ended
  26. How Eric Ventured Down to Middalhof and What He Found
  27. How Gudruda Went Up to Mosfell
  28. How Swanhild Won Tidings of Eric
  29. How Went the Bridal Night
  30. How the Dawn Came
  31. How Eric Sent Away His Men from Mosfell
  32. How Eric and Skallagrim Grew Fey
  33. How Eric and Skallagrim Fought Their Last Great Fight

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