Henry Lawson

left arrow   Corn - Maize or Indian corn—wheat is never called corn in Australia.
left arrow   cut - a pen, or “stand” in a shearing-shed.
left arrow   Graft - work. The term is now applied, in Australia, to all sorts of work, from bullock-driving to writing poetry
left arrow   Humpy - a rough hut
left arrow   lamber-down - a shanty-keeper who entices cheque-men to drink.
left arrow   Out-Back - is always west of the Bushman, no matter how far out he be.
left arrow   Put up a drink - ‘Give me a drink on credit’, or ‘Chalk it up’
left arrow   Shout - to buy a round of drinks.
left arrow   Whare - ‘whorrie’, Maori name for house

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