The Old Bush Songs

Two Aboriginal Songs

Edited by

Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson


Korindabriā, korindabriā, bogaronā, bogaronā. Iwariniang
iwaringdo, iwariniang, iwaringdo, iwariniang, iwaringdo,
iwariniang, iwaringdo, iwaringime. Iwaringiang, iwaringdȯȯ,
ilanenienow, coombagongniengowe, ilanenienow, coombagongniengowe,
ilanenienowe combagoniengowe, ilanenienimme.


Buddha-buddharo nianga, boomelanā, bulleranga, crobinea,
narnmala, yibbilwaadjo nianga, boomelana, a, boomelana,
buddha-buddharo, nianga, boomelana, buddharo nianga,
boomelana, bullerangā, crobineā, narnmala, yibbilwaadjo,
nianga, croilanume, a, croilangā, yibbilwaadjo, nianga,
croilangā, yibbilwaadjo, nianga croilanga, coondheranea,
tabiabina, boorganmala, yibbilwaadjo, nianga, croilanoome.

Of the above songs Mr. Mowle writes— “I could never find out what the words meant, and I don’t think the blacks themselves knew.”

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