Songs Before Sunrise

The Oblation

Algernon Charles Swinburne

ASK nothing more of me, sweet;
    All I can give you I give.
        Heart of my heart, were it more,
More would be laid at your feet:
    Love that should help you to live,
        Song that should spur you to soar.

All things were nothing to give
    Once to have sense of you more,
        Touch you and taste of you sweet,
Think you and breathe you and live,
    Swept of your wings as they soar,
        Trodden by chance of your feet.

I that have love and no more
    Give you but love of you, sweet:
        He that hath more, let him give;
He that hath wings, let him soar;
    Mine is the heart at your feet
        Here, that must love you to live.

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