How Stands the Glass Around?


        HOW STANDS the glass around?
For shame ye take no care, my boys;
        How stands the glass around?
        Let mirth and wine abound.
        The trumpets sound;
The colors they are flying, boys.
        To fight, kill or wound,
        May we still be found
Content with our hard fare, my boys,
        On the cold ground.

        Why, soldiers, why,
Should we be melancholy, boys?
        Why, soldiers, why?
        Whose business ’tis to die!
        What, sighing? fie!
Don’t fear, drink on, be jolly, boys!
        ’Tis he, you or I!
        Cold, hot, wet or dry,
We’re always bound to follow, boys,
        And scorn to fly.

        ’Tis but in vain—
I mean not to upbraid you, boys—
        ’Tis but in vain
        For soldiers to complain:
        Should next campaign
Send us to Him who made us, boys,
        We’re free from pain!
        But if we remain,
A bottle and a kind landlady
        Cure all again.

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