The Shape of Things to Come

Book the Second
The Days After Tomorrow: the Age of Frustration

6. The Western Grip on Asia Relaxes

H.G. Wells

THE RECESSION of the directive influence of the half modernized European imperialisms in Asia went on steadily. Even as early as 1929 the spread of a peasant communism similar to that which had obtained so strong a hold upon the popular imagination in China was causing grave alarm to the Indian Government. The seizure and trial of a group of British and Indian agitators at Meerut, and the extravagantly heavy sentences passed upon them in 1933, showed both the gravity of these fears and the unintelligent clumsiness with which the situation was being met.

For the British Empire there was to be no such decline and fall as happened to Rome. Instead it relaxed, as we shall now describe, to nothing.

Unhappily, before it relaxed in India it had, as in Ireland, a brief convulsive phase of “firmness”. . . . 


[Here several sheets from Raven’s MS. appear to be missing.]

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