The Poems of Henry Kendall

A Birthday Trifle

Henry Kendall

HERE in this gold-green evening end,
    While air is soft and sky is clear,
What tender message shall I send
    To her I hold so dear?
What rose of song with breath like myrrh,
    And leaf of dew and fair pure beams
Shall I select and give to her—
    The lady of my dreams?

Alas! the blossom I would take,
    The song as sweet as Persian speech,
And carry for my lady’s sake,
    Is not within my reach.
I have no perfect gift of words,
    Or I would hasten now to send
A ballad full of tunes of birds
    To please my lovely friend.

But this pure pleasure is my own,
    That I have power to waft away
A hope as bright as heaven’s zone
    On this her natal day.
May all her life be like the light
    That softens down in spheres divine,
“As lovely as a Lapland night,”
    All grace and chastened shine!

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