The Poems of Henry Kendall

On a Baby Buried by the Hawkesbury

[Lines sent to a Young Mother.]

Henry Kendall

A GRACE that was lent for a very few hours,
    By the bountiful Spirit above us;
She sleeps like a flower in the land of the flowers,
    She went ere she knew how to love us.
Her music of Heaven was strange to this sphere,
    Her voice is a silence for ever;
In the bitter, wild fall of a sorrowful year,
    We buried our bird by the river.

But the gold of the grass, and the green of the vine,
    And the music of wind and of water,
And the torrent of song and superlative shine,
    Are close to our dear little daughter.
The months of the year are all gracious to her,
    A winter breath visits her never;
She sleeps like a bird in a cradle of myrrh,
    By the banks of the beautiful river.

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