Freeman’s Jounal

The Statue of Our Queen


Henry Lawson

PRIDE, selfishness in every line,
    And on its face a frown,
It stands, a sceptre in its hand,
    And points forever down.
And who will kneel? The unemployed!
    Small homage pay, I ween,
The only men who gather ’neath
    The Statue of our Queen.

I’d scarcely wonder if the sun,
    That rises with good grace,
Should sink and leave the day undone
    At sight of such a face.
But no! The day will still have birth
    In all its golden sheen,
When antiquarians unearth
    The Statue of our Queen.

Then if you’d have us loyal bide
    As we have loyal been,
Great Parkes! for love of England, hide
    The Statue of our Queen.

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