Skyline Riders and Other Verses

The Bonny Port of Sydney

Henry Lawson

THE LOVELY Port of Sydney
    Lies laughing to the sky,
The bonny Port of Sydney,
    Where the ships of nations lie.
You shall never see such beauty,
    Though you sail the wide world o’er,
As the sunny Port of Sydney,
    As we see it from the Shore.

The shades of night are falling
    On many ports of call,
But the harbour lights of Sydney
    Are the grandest of them all;
Such a city set in jewels
    Has ne’er been seen before
As the harbour lights of Sydney
    As we see them from the Shore.

I must sail for gloomy London,
    Where there are no harbour lights,
Where no sun is seen in winter,
    And there are no starry nights;
And the bonny port of Sydney—
    I may never see it more,
But I’ll always dream about it
    As we view it from North Shore.

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