He’s Gone to England for a Wife


Henry Lawson

HE’S GONE to England for a wife
    Among the ladies there;
And yet I know a lass he deemed
    The rarest of the rare.
He’s gone to England for a wife;
    And rich and proud is he.
But he was poor and toiled for bread
    When first he courted me.

He said I was the best on earth;
    He said I was “his life”;
And now he thinks of noble birth,
    And seeks a lady wife!
He said for me alone he’d toil
    To win an honest fame;
But now no lass on southern soil
    Is worthy of his name!

I think I see his lady bride,
    A fair and faultless face,
And nothing in her heart beside
    The empty pride of race.
And she will grace his gilded home,
    The wife his gold shall buy;
But will she ever dream of him,
    Or love as well as I?

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