Henry Lawson

“ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE!” You hear the people shouting.
    The walls of Mammon tremble ere they fall.
ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! Is this a time for doubting?
    The poets have been prophets after all.

ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! The cry is growing stronger!
    ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! It echoes o’er the wave!
ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! The Wealthy dead no longer
    Shall rule us through their children from the grave!

ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! The knell of Retrogression!
    The greatest triumph of the tongue and pen!
ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! The right of long possession
    Is right no longer in the minds of men!

ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! There’s lightning in the thunder!
    ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! The reign of Greed is o’er!
ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! The cursed Vote of Plunder
    Shall rule the plundered slaves of earth no more.

ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! We’re waking from our slumbers—
    ONE-MAN-ONE-VOTE! To rule the fields we farmed!
If thus we triumph with diminished numbers,
    What will the triumph be when all are armed?

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