Ballads, and Other Poems

To the Rev. W.H. Brookfield

Alfred Tennyson

BROOKS, for they call’d you so that knew you best,
Old Brooks, who loved so well to mouth my rhymes,
How oft we two have heard St. Mary’s chimes!
How oft the Cantab supper, host and guest,
Would echo helpless laughter to your jest!
How oft with him we paced that walk of limes,
Him, the lost light of those dawn-golden times,
Who loved you well! Now both are gone to rest.
You man of humorous-melancholy mark,
Dead of some inward agony—is it so?
Our kindlier, trustier Jaques, past away
I cannot laud this life, it looks so dark
Σκιας οναρ—dream of a shadow, go—
God bless you. I shall join you in a day.

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