The Gilded Age

A Tale of Today


Mark Twain and Charles Dudley Warner

    Chapter I.
    Squire Hawkins and His Tennessee Land—He Decides to Remove to Missouri

    Chapter II.
    He Meets With and Adopts the Boy Clay

    Chapter III.
    Uncle Daniel’s Apparition and Prayer

    Chapter IV.
    The Steamboat Explosion

    Chapter V.
    Adoption of the Little Girl Laura—Arrival at Missouri—Reception by Colonel Eschol Sellers

    Chapter VI.
    Trouble and Darkness in the Hawkins Family—Proposed Sale of the Tennessee Land

    Chapter VII.
    Colonel Sellers at Home—His Wonderful Clock and Cure for Rheumatism

    Chapter VIII.
    Colonel Sellers Makes Known His Magnificent Speculation Schemes and Astonishes Washington Hawkins

    Chapter IX.
    Death of Judge Hawkins

    Chapter X.
    Laura Hawkins Discovers a Mystery in Her Parentage and Grows Morbid Under the Village Gossip

    Chapter XI.
    A Dinner with Col. Sellers—Wonderful Effects of Raw Turnips

    Chapter XII.
    Philip Sterling and Henry Brierly—Arrangements to Go West as Engineers

    Chapter XIII.
    Rail-Road Contractors and Party Traveling—Philip and Harry form the Acquaintance of Col. Sellers

    Chapter XIV.
    Ruth Bolton and Her Parents

    Chapter XV.
    Visitors of the Boltons—Mr. Bigler “Sees the Legislature”—Ruth Bolton Commences Medical Studies

    Chapter XVI.
    The Engineers Detained at St. Louis—Off for Camp—Reception by Jeff Thompson

    Chapter XVII.
    The Engineer Corps Arrive at Stone’s Landing

    Chapter XVIII.
    Laura and Her Marriage to Colonel Selby—Deserted and Returns to Hawkeye

    Chapter XIX.
    Harry Brierly Infatuated With Laura and Proposes She Visit Washington

    Chapter XX.
    Senator Abner Dilworthy Visits Hawkeye—Addresses the People and Makes the Acquaintance of Laura

    Chapter XXI.
    Ruth Bolton at Fallkill Seminary—The Montagues—Ruth Becomes Quite Gay—Alice Montague

    Chapter XXII.
    Philip and Harry Visit Fallkill—Harry Does the Agrecable to Ruth

    Chapter XXIII.
    Harry at Washington Lobbying For An Appropriation For Stone’s Landing — Philip in New York Studying Engineering

    Chapter XXIV.
    Washington and Its Sights—The Appropriation Bill Reported From the Committee and Passed

    Chapter XXV.
    Energetic Movements at Stone’s Landing—Everything Booming—A Grand Smash Up

    Chapter XXVI.
    The Boltons—Ruth at Home—Visitors and Speculations

    Chapter XXVII.
    Col. Sellers Comforts His Wife With His Views of the Prospects

    Chapter XXVIII.
    Visit to Headquarters in Wall Street—How Appropriations Are Obtained and Their Cost

    Chapter XXIX.
    Philip’s Experience With the Rail-Road Conductor—Surveys His Mining Property

    Chapter XXX.
    Laura and Col. Sellers Go To Washington On Invitation of Senator Dilworthy

    Chapter XXXI.
    Philip and Harry at the Boltons’—Philip Seriously Injured—Ruth’s First Case of Surgery

    Chapter XXXII.
    Laura Becomes a Famous Belle at Washington

    Chapter XXXIII.
    Society in Washington—The Antiques, the Parvenus, and the Middle Aristocracy

    Chapter XXXIV.
    Grand Scheme For Disposing of the Tennessee Land—Laura and Washington Hawkins Enjoying the Reputation of Being Millionaires

    Chapter XXXV.
    About Senators—Their Privileges and Habits

    Chapter XXXVI.
    An Hour in a Book Store

    Chapter XXXVII.
    Representative Buckstone and Laura’s Strategic Coquetry

    Chapter XXXVIII.
    Reception Day in Washington—Laura Again Meets Col. Selby and the Effect Upon Her

    Chapter XXXIX.
    Col. Selby Visits Laura and Effects a Reconciliation

    Chapter XL.
    Col. Sellers’ Career in Washington—Laura’s Intimacy With Col. Selby is Talked About

    Chapter XLI.
    Harry Brierly Becomes Entirely Infatuated With Laura—Declares His Love and Gets Laughed At

    Chapter XLII.
    How The Hon. Mr. Trollop Was Induced to Vote For Laura’s Bill

    Chapter XLIII.
    Progress of the Bill in the House

    Chapter XLIV.
    Philip in Washington—Visits Laura

    Chapter XLV.
    The Passage of the Bill in the House of Representatives

    Chapter XLVI.
    Disappearance of Laura, and Murder of Col. Selby in New York

    Chapter XLVII.

    Laura in the Tombs and Her Visitors

    Chapter XLVIII.
    Mr. Bolton Says Yes Again—Philip Returns to the Mines

    Chapter XLIX.
    The Coal Vein Found and Lost Again—Philip and the Boltons—Elated and Then Cruelly Disappointed

    Chapter L.
    Philip Visits Fallkill and Proposes Studying Law With Mr. Montague—The ’Squire Invests in the Mine—Ruth Declares Her Love for Philip

    Chapter LI.
    Col. Sellers Enlightens Washington Hawkins on the Customs of Congress

    Chapter LII.
    How Senator Dilworthy Advanced Washington’s Interests

    Chapter LIII.
    Senator Dilworthy Goes West to See About His Re-election—He Becomes a Shining Light

    Chapter LIV.
    The Trial of Laura for Murder

    Chapter LV.
    The Trial Continued—Evidence of Harry Brierly

    Chapter LVI.
    The Trial Continued—Col. Sellers on the Stand and Takes Advantage of the Situation

    Chapter LVII.
    The Momentous Day—Startling News—Dilworthy Denounced as a Briber and Defeated—The Bill Lost in the Senate

    Chapter LVIII.
    Verdict, Not Guilty!—Laura Free and Receives Propositions to Lecture—Philip back at the Mines

    Chapter LIX.
    The Investigation of the Dilworthy Bribery Case and Its Results

    Chapter LX.
    Laura Decides on her Course—Attempts to Lecture and Fails—Found Dead in her Chair

    Chapter LXI.
    Col. Sellers and Washington Hawkins Review the Situation and Leave Washington

    Chapter LXII.
    Philip Discouraged—One More Effort—Finds Coal at Last

    Chapter LXIII.
    Philip Leaves Ilium to see Ruth—Ruth Convalescent—Alice


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