Tennyson’s Suppressed Poems

Alfred Tennyson

The poems numbered I-XXIV which follow, were published in 1830 in the volume Poems chiefly Lyrical. (London: Effingham Wilson, Royal Exchange, 1830.) They were never republished by Tennyson.

  1. The ‘How’ and the ‘Why’
  2. The Burial of Love
  3. To——
  4. Song    (“I’ the glooming light”)
  5. Song    (“Every day hath its night”)
  6. Hero to Leander
  7. The Mystic
  8. The Grasshopper
  9. Love, Pride and Forgetfulness
  10. Chorus
  11. Lost Hope
  12. The Tears of Heaven
  13. Love and Sorrow
  14. To a Lady Sleeping
  15. Sonnet    (“Could I outwear my present state of woe”)
  16. Sonnet    (“Though Night hath climbed her peak of highest noon”)
  17. Sonnet    (“Shall the hag Evil die with the child of Good”)
  18. Sonnet    (“The palid thunderstricken sigh for gain”)
  19. Love
  20. English War Song
  21. National Song
  22. Dualisms
  23. οἱ ῥέοντες
  24. Song    (“The lintwhite and the throstlecock”)
The following poems, numbers XXV-XXVII, were published in The Gem: a Literary Annual. London: W. Marshall, Holborn Bars, MDCCCXXXI.
  1. A Fragment
  2. Anacreontics
  3. No More
Published in the Englishman’s Magazine, August, 1831. London: Edward Moxon, 64 New Bond Street. Reprinted in Friendship’s Offering: a Literary Album for 1833. London; Smith and Elder
  1. Sonnet    (“Check every outflash, every ruder sally”)
Published in Friendships Offering: a Literary Album for 1832. London: Smith and Elder.
  1. Sonnet    (“Me my own fate to lasting sorrow doometh”)
Published in the Yorkshire Literary Annual for 1832. Edited by C.F. Edgar, London: Longman and Co. Reprinted in the Athenæum, 4 May, 1867.
  1. Sonnet    (“There are three things that fill my heart with sighs”)
The poems numbered XXXI-XXXIX were published in the 1832 volume (Poems by Alfred Tennyson. London: Edward Moxon, 94 New Bond Street. MDCCCXXXIII; published December, 1832), and were thereafter suppressed.
  1. Sonnet    (“On, Beauty, passing beauty! sweetest Sweet”)
  2. The Hesperides
  3. Rosalind
  4. Song    (“Who can say”)
  5. Sonnet    (“Blow ye the trumpet, gather from afar”)
  6. O Darling Room
  7. To Christopher North
  8. The Lotos-Eaters
  9. A Dream of Fair Women

  10. The Palace of Art
  11. Cambridge
  12. The Germ of ‘Maud’
  13. The Skipping-Rope
  14. The New Timon and the Poets
  15. Mablethorpe
  16. Stanzas
  17. Britons, Guard your Own
  18. Hands all Round
  19. Suggested by Reading an Article in a Newspaper
  20. Stanzas    (“God bless our Prince and Bride”)
  21. The Ringlet
  22. Song    (“Home they brought him slain with spears”)
  23. 1865 – 1866
  24. Alcaics
  25. Sapphics
  26. The Rosebud
  27. “A Gate and a field half ploughed”

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